"But I Thought They Could Handle Millions of Dollars Coming From Nothing...."

Admittedly, we are huge NBA fans. Well, huge fans of actual NBA teams anyway, so rarely do we watch games that involve the Charlotte Bobcats or the Atlanta Hawks. That being said, the NBA is also undying in it's quest to be the largest social experiment ever conducted. Clearly we do not understand the rap culture. Hell, we don't really understand black people, but what we do understand is that we enjoy indulging in bearing witness to a microcosmic society bereft of any morality or social boundary. We also enjoy the concept of getting knocked up by an NBA player as an alternative to winning the lottery. Plus money! We like where this is going... Oh, and that ad above is a joke. Kinda. Well, it was meant as one, but it's not really. It's kinda exactly true.

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