Randy Taylor is P.I.S.S.E.D.... Understand? P-I-S-S-E-D. He Wants his Goddamned Sausage. All of it...

Angry Jimmy Dean Sausage Customer - Watch more free videos

That link is imperative to consumer rights on this great continent. How the hell is Randy supposed to feed his troops? Huh? How? How's he supposed to feed his fat troops and his fat wife if you fuckers at Jimmy Dean keep trying to control his intake? How is any man supposed to feed his family on six chickens, a side of beef and only 12 ounces of Jimmy Dean sausage? Don't you realize what a detriment this is? Some "Consumer Geekazoid", that obviously knows nothing about living in Texas, is somehow going to tell Randy that his "Plump" wife and fat kids aren't allowed to consume all of the saturated and trans-fats that they want come Sunday morning. This is a fucking disgrace. Just sick. I don't know about you, but I'm in the business of making sure Randy's fat daughter gets even fatter so that I can make fun of her making me feel better about myself, and this douchebag from Jimmy Dean is all "We have to scale back on the packaging size because these fat degenerates are contracting heart disease like the spread of AIDS in a South Africa". Hey, thanks a lot Gandhi, but I'm sure there's enough black dudes and computer science majors in the country to ensure all of these fat chicks get laid. Jesus. Some people, I'm telling you. No consideration. Always looking out for themselves. It's a good thing people like me and my altruism exist in this world, or the betas of this world would have no representation.

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