Remember All Those Stories of the Superior Japanese Education System?

You people are lucky I share this stuff with you. I can't remember where I came across this video, but it's actually pretty surreal. Japanese women exercising while teaching you such important English phrases as "Take anything you want" and "Spare me my life". I actually already knew the "I was robbed by two men" Japanese translation when I was part of a tandem that used to target old Japanese women, but that's in the past. It was a nice reminder though. As we speak I'm looking for three women that are willing to do a video like this for a few Japanese phrases. They'll have to be relevant based on the culture, so right now I'll need a translator for "I'll take the porn where the Japanese businessman rapes the unsuspecting prostitute" and "Do you want to go to the Karaoke bar? We can get hookers there". We also may need "Officer I swear, she looked at least 15 in that schoolgirl outfit". I never thought I'd bemoan the days where Godzilla made almost regular appearances... remember those days? With the giant lizard? Yeah, they were nice...

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