I Find This Funny... I don't Care What you Think... Oh I'm Sick am I? Yeah? Then the Dog gets it Again...

Once there was this time where my buddy and I had gone to the local nuisance grounds and found this old 60's model pick-up truck. It almost started, but not quite. So we picked up this guy that was about 5'8 with tan skin to help us get it started. He said he was from Tijuana, so we were like "Sweet, he's an illegal, we won't even have to pay him. And he probably has drugs! Sweet." So yeah, after all that we brought him home to see if he had any cousins that had stolen any rims that we could buy for cheap. Then we lost track of him for about 20 minutes. We figured he had just gotten ahold of the neighbor's little boy and he wouldn't be long, right? Wrong... This video tells you where he went. Frankly, we're disgusted. We can't believe we let this guy fix our truck. Our buddy also held hands with him all the way into town. That's sick. We told him not to. Oh the neighbors kid? Uh huh? What? Whatever man... the neighbor's kid sucks.

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