She Really Should Have to Buy Two Seats in the Trench... It's only Fair.

Click on the Picture above, but first read through and you'll understand where we're going with this. We should give you some background here. This isn't what it looks like. What it really is, is a disgustingly obese woman that's fallen into a hole and can't get out. Oh, that's what the video shows? Alright than, we stand corrected. It's exactly what it looks like. We may have just confused ourselves. We originally thought that it was a whale that had washed up onto shore and fallen victim to the basement of an extremely elaborate sandcastle, but it turns out that it's just a fat woman that's actually yelling about a jelly donut that she left on the dash. That's what she's yelling about right? Isn't it? We can't really make it out, We think we may have just assumed that was the first thing she'd be concerned about. So it's not what she's talking about? Whatever man... yeah it is... it's YOU that doesn't understand.

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