Saskatchewan Wins Grey Cup, Loses Everywhere Else...

As is well known, we are huge Saskatchewan Roughrider fans. Well, we have finally come to roost after nearly 19 years of utter futility, taking the Grey Cup in what amounted to one of the worst played football games we've ever seen. Regardless, What you have before you is "Lara", one of the many Rider cheerleaders. We're not kidding when we say that we posted the hottest one (READ: only one we wouldn't make face the wall). If you don't believe me, you're more than welcome to click here to see the rest of the team and start an argument. It'll be fun! But I digress. So yeah, they win the Grey Cup, but this is their prize... and since it's Saskatchewan she's probably already taken by her dad and brother. It's sad really. Mostly we're just happy to be fans and happier not to live there. Amen brother.

UPDATE: Does somebody want to explain to me the mysticism behind the hiring of Faye? Honestly, this is a travesty. Who's office did Faye have to stumble into drunk one night and catch with an 8 year-old boy to obtain this kind of leverage? There's no excuse for this. I've seen hotter chicks in the burn ward.

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