Cat Scratch Fever...

So here's a video of our good pal Enrique Iglesias on a sound stage during the making of a video. You must watch to fully appreciate where we're going with this. We were going to get all snarky and start talkin' shit about how this guy can't sing to save his life and that if he didn't have enough electronics in the studio to satisfy even your mother, he'd sound like a cat being sucked through a radiator, but we won't. Instead we're just going to remind you of the fact that he's fucking Anna Kournikova and you're still nailing that fat chick you picked up at the bar whose stomach rolls over her low-rise jeans because you're such a horny bastard that not even your dignity can save you from your penis and that should be just about enough for you to realize who you can make fun of, and who you can't. At this point you probably don't even qualify to tea bag this guy, so the best thing you can do is use this video for instruction. And unlike the rest of the ones you watch, this one isn't to be masturbated to. Peace.

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