Please Remain Anonymous If You Watch This Show...

You know sometimes when somebody is talking and all you keep getting are images in your head of you slowly dismounting your chair, grabbing the legs of it and then viscously beating your conversation partner until they realize what stupidity is coming out of their mouth? You know how sometimes that happens? Yeah, we get that too... Anyway, we're not sure who actually watches this shit because after this clip that we reluctantly sat through, we are measurably dumber, and in fact, drooling on the keyboard as we type this. How is it possible that this show is still on? We're convinced at this point that if one of those women climbed up and defecated on the middle of the table that she would still draw cheers. Look, we understand that women are looking for loudmouths that go overboard as a way to somehow signal the emergence of a woman's opinion within the general consensus, but for ONCE, just ONCE can it not be some retard who is ignorant and proud of it? We say this for your own long-term credibility. We hardly think Rosie O'Donnell represents the opinion of the intelligent.

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