I Like Big Butts, and I Cannot Lie...

Here's another link exposing us to what's really going on in America today. Uhm...my first question is this: If you're going to get surgery anyways, why not spend that ass-implant money on that train-wreck you call a face. How cruel to be born with both fetal-alcohol syndrome and Down's syndrome. Geeez. But, she had obviously come to terms with her gargoyle mask, and decided that it was ass-implants that would really change her life around. It says a lot about the kind of man that she's trying to attract: a lot of gawdy jewelery; only "hits it" from behind; has five other girlfriends, of whom he rotates living arrangements with daily. Yep, you guessed it: her baby's daddy. She can't bare to be without him, and she wants to rekindle that spark that first lead to her allowing him to enter her "raw dog." It's so romantic. But unfortunately, the plan back fired, and her ass is now as droopy as her worn out breasts, and her horrific personality. Love can be tragic. It's like a modern day Shakespeare tale, really. Me thinks thou true issues not be thine posterior, me lady.

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