We are Lucky... Sometimes We Forget...

Russian Woman Folds Frying Pan - Watch more free videos

Well, welcome to another Monday. After getting pissed drunk all weekend, we figure we'd return here with a little good news to share with all of you. We met a woman this weekend and we'd like you to meet her. Her name is Irina and the video posted above is the one that she sent us when we met on Match.com. We were instantly smitten. So, after meeting on Friday night, we spent the remainder of the weekend getting to know each other intimately. We won't share those details (we're still bruised), but she did tie us up with some cable used for power lines. We also used an ocean buoy as a ball gag on her. She's exceptionally adventurous. Next week we're going to reinforce the box spring with a car chassis and let her go on top. She's gentle like that. We're on top of the world right now; we've found love.

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