We Enjoyed This... and We Hope You Do Too...

Every so often we come across something on the internet that really tickles our fancy. Sometimes we come across things that let us know that the human race is on the track to becoming something that we think is really positive for the future. And sometimes we come across both. This chick is letting us know how great her tits are. Frankly we agree. But even more frankly, we'd have a hell of a time disagreeing that we didn't like most chicks' tits... even if we didn't. So grab yourself a green tea and pashmina and enjoy the greatness of this chicks' tits. Watch it over and over, even if you become cross-eyed like we have. The best part about that, is that it's twice as many tits as before. And if you're reading this blog, it's probably the first pair of tits you haven't paid to see since your mother stopped breast-feeding you. God bless.

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